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“Throughout the entire transaction, working with Royal Peninsula, LLC was a truly positive and productive experience. One of the key aspects that stood out during our interactions was their excellent communication skills. Communication is a vital component of any real estate transaction, and Royal Peninsula consistently demonstrated great responsiveness and clarity in their communication. This ensured a smooth and efficient process for all parties involved, from us as the end buyer to the settlement attorney and the seller.”

– Scott M. Sperling

About Royal Peninsula

At Royal Peninsula, we are a dynamic real estate powerhouse specializing in investing, strategic marketing, and real estate agency services. With an expert grasp of the market in Maryland and Delaware, our team led by Ryan Byrd and Kenneth Jester brings innovative investment strategies to life, harnessing the potential of properties for lucrative outcomes. Our creative marketing approaches captivate audiences and maximize exposure, ensuring properties stand out. As dedicated real estate agents, we are committed to guiding clients through seamless transactions, making dreams of buying or selling homes a reality. With us, you’ll experience a comprehensive approach that merges investment wisdom, strategic prowess, and the personalized touch of experienced agents.

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Ryan Byrd: Real Estate Investor and Agent

Ryan Byrd

With a passion for real estate that’s matched only by my dedication to client success, I’m Ryan Byrd, a seasoned real estate investor with Royal Peninsula and agent at RE/MAX Distinctive. I thrive on turning properties into profit opportunities and dreams into tangible realities. Armed with creativity and a deep understanding of the market, I approach every transaction with innovation and strategy. Whether it’s unlocking hidden potential in properties or finding the perfect match for buyers, my goal is to create exceptional outcomes. Based in Maryland and Delaware, I’m driven by a genuine commitment to helping clients navigate the complex real estate landscape, ensuring their experience is as rewarding as it is seamless.

Kenneth Jester: Real Estate Investor and Agent

Kenneth Jester

As a real estate investor with Royal Peninsula and agent at RE/MAX Distinctive, I’m Kenneth Jester – a dynamic professional known for my expertise in the Maryland and Delaware markets. I combine my intricate knowledge of the industry with a flair for creative solutions to deliver outstanding results for clients. From identifying lucrative investment opportunities to guiding buyers and sellers through seamless transactions, my dedication knows no bounds. Backed by a wealth of experience, I am committed to making the real estate process a positive and transformative journey. With a shared passion for innovation and a tireless work ethic, my partner Ryan Byrd and I are your go-to team for all your real estate needs in this region.

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